Welcome to one of my biggest loves and certainly where my heart lies, Alaska!

After living in Alaska for 16 years and meeting and hanging out and hearing stories from all those wild folks who drove up from the lower 48 to Alaska, I have to say; Way to go! Preparing for such an adventure takes a lot of time, preparation, planning, and of course the good ‘ole American currency, AND, let’s not forget to mention, hoodzpah! It’s not everyone that will get onto a road and drive it thousands of miles without seeing others, managing themselves between the land and the bears and moose…. Yes people who drive the ALCAN are a select few. ¬†Welcome welcome welcome to Im sure what will be the most awesome adventure you have ever undertaken!

Many people talk about doing it, but how many people really really really do it? Well if you ask me, a TON. You are not alone in this quest for the daily wilderness, that resides just outside your camper door! During the summer months, when most Alaskans get out and enjoy their stupendous state, so does about 1 million other people! Yes, I did say one million! They literally arrive by planes, trains, and automobiles! Since you have come to this site, it appears that you might be one of those one million, but with the idea to drive, not fly, or train it, to Alaska! You are planning to make your way up on Alaska’s only road in! The Alcan, which is short for the Alaska-Canadian Highway and apparently the name has been revised again to be called The Alaska Highway!

It is my plan to share with you some photos and videos from my trip from the Alcan, some general information about me, and some essential and not so essential things that you might want to consider purchasing for your drive. It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I promise you this!!! ¬†I’ll also be discussing hotels, motels, camping spots and RVing. I hope to make this the most informative sight regarding driving the ALCAN that has ever existed!

Let’s get going on talking and learning about your trip and all those miles shall we? We’ve got a looooot of ground to cover!

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